[VG]Overdrive :: Special 300th Broadcast Mix

In celebration of over three years of Horizon Shine and 300 radio broadcasts, we would like to thank all the listeners with a special Video Gaming Mix (#002) focused on accompanying your automobile adventures in virtual reality (or irl). Nearly two hours of music that will improve your high scores, make achievement-hunting a breeze, advance your driving skills and put you in the mindset of "I am *the* Road Warrior, now bow to my supremacy". This mix was designed to be played with games like; GTA, APB, Wipeout, Need4Speed, Gran Turismo, Saints Row, Defiance, Planetside 2, Tribes or any other game where one blurs the edges through vicious velocity. Enjoy, and be careful using this mix in real life, it may prove hazardous to your (and others) health. See you Space Cowboys~

01. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - American Dream Part II 02. Uppermost - Revolution 03. Kill Paris - Catch You [K Theory Remix] 04. Amtrac - The Scheme 05. Crystal Castles - Vietnam 06. Crystal Method - Double Down Under 07. Pretty Lights - Prophet 08. Die Antwoord - I fink u freeky [Francophilippe Remix] 09. Boys Noize - XTC [The Chemical Brothers Remix] 10. Mad Owl - Glacier [Le Castle Vania Remix] 11. Michael Jackson - Speed Demon [NERO Remix] 12. M.I.A. - Bad Girls [Monolith Remix] 13. Drivepilot - The Heist 14. Birdy Nam Nam - Worried 15. NEUS - Haine 16. Riton ft Sage the Gemini - Gas Pedal 17. Two Fingers - Vengeance Rhythm [KOAN Sound Remix] 18. Feed Me - Cotts Face 19. Far Too Loud - Trailmixing 20. The Prodigy - Mindfields [Baauer Remix] 21. Benzi & Willy Joy - VIBES 22. Figure - Mercy Remix 23. BARE & Datksik - King Kong [Terravita Remix]